Our goal

Lamantine Software is a team of development professionals that helps companies solve problems, fill development holes, bring products to markets. In short, we’re programmers who make things work. If you are a software company that needs to shorten the time to market of your new product or you‘re simply lacking the internal resources or technical expertise in your ongoing projects, contact us. We can do desktop as well as web applications like portals, intranet, CRM, ERP, e-shops etc.

Our team

Our professionals have been developing security software for a combined 100+ years. Our background is the antivirus and Internet security industry. We have experience in security and working on projects for leading brands like Imation, AVG, Kaspersky Lab, ThreatTrack as well as smaller, niche market customers. As developers of the popular security tool, Sticky Password, we are familiar with what it takes to bring security products to market.

Awards our applications have received

What we can do for you

Cross-platform application development

Today, a single platform is not enough. You have to keep it in mind when designing your solution. We can help you.

Secure applications development

Security is the core of our business. For solutions in today’s always-connected world, security is a primary concern right from the start.

Backend services design & development

A lot has to be taken care off in the background. All those user accounts, transactions. We´ve been there. We know how to make it happen.

Browser extensions

Integration with browsers has never been more important in order to provide customers with the user experience they expect. Keeping up with the frequent changes in technology can be a challenge. Developing and maintaining extensions and integration with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and other browsers is one of our core competencies.

Operating systems

We have the major ones covered:

Languages and frameworks

We can make it happen in:
C/C++, C#,
.NET, ObjectiveC,
Java, Java EE, JS,
PHP, SQL, Delphi.

What some of our clients have said about us



„The team at Lamantine delivered a high-quality solution quickly and efficiently. We’ve enjoyed working with them and recommend them highly!“